Now that you’ve chosen your color, lets begin applying! You’ll need your polish color, a top coat, base coat, cu-tips, cotton balls and polish remover.

How to Apply Nail Polish Properly

1. Remove any trace of old nail polish that you have. You can do this quickly with cotton balls and rubbing each nail thoroughly. By removing any old polish you have on you can ensure that you put on an even coating.

2. With your hands steadily propped against a table to ensure you don’t shake, start painting your nails with the base coat. Start by brushing down the middle of your nail and then the two sides. This will provide an even coating. It is a good idea to begin with your smallest fingers and toes and work your way to your big fingers and toes, which prevents you from leaning on any freshly painted nails.

3. Add the nail polish to your nails by following the same procedure you did for the base coat ( small nails first, brushing the middle of the nail followed by the sides).

4. Wait for the polish to dry. This will depend on the nail polish itself. I like to give between 20-30 minutes from the last painted nail to ensure perfect dryness.

5. Add the top coat by repeating the same procedure you did for painting the base coat and the nail polish. Top coats will add even more balance and shine to your nails.

6. Once the top coat is dry, clean up your nails with a cu-tip and nail polish remover. With the cu-tip, remove any flecks of polish you have on your skin and around your nails. Be careful and take your time with this.

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